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Hero Classroom dance piece

Do we still need heroes? Who are they? What do they mean to us in our everyday life? For the second classroom dance piece, the Greek choreographer Patricia Apergi and the dancer Eva Georgitsopoulou investigated contemporary heroes of our society and transformed their narratives into movement.

Hero speaks for the people who turned their defeat into victory and those who became heroes without noticing. It shows the courage, effort, perseverance and strength needed to take up any fight. Powerful, courageous, energetic and with humour, Hero will conquer the classrooms in Vorpommern from March 2020.

(Inter)national touring: Dörte Wolter / Simge Gücük

Touring request

Premiere: 2. März 2020 at Hansa-Gymnasium Stralsund

Choreography: Patricia Apergi
Dancer: Eva Georgitsopoulou
Sound design: Giwrgos Poulios 
Dramaturgy: Nikos Vlasopoulos 
Costume design: Vassiliki Syrma 
Education: Elisa Weiß, Perform[d]ance Tanzkünstlerteam
Production: Dörte Wolter
Photo: Tassos Vrettos


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